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Spacepod does all the heavy lifting to edit your Twitter Spaces content and distribute it to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google and more...

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You could be reaching far more people with your content

Live Twitter Spaces are an amazing medium that provides great experience for those interacting. But over 90% of attendees of Twitter spaces are listeners. By syndicating your content as a podcast to even more listeners, you're drastically increasing your reach.

A case study

Spacepod makes turning your Twitter Space content into a podcast exceptionally easy. Just upload the audio and enter a few details, and Spacepod will improve the episode audio, upload it to your included podcast website, and syndicate it to over 20 different podcast players.

How it works

How it works

Spacepod takes care of everything

1. Audio editing

Spacepod takes you raw Twitter Space audio file and preps it for podcast syndication. We trim the whitespace, level the audio, and removing the "ums".

2. Episode prep

Within 24 hours, Spacepod attaches a custom-made intro/outro to the edited audio file, loads in all the information about the episode, and gets it all in the right format to be published.

3. Distribution

You set the time and day you want the episode to go live, and Spacepod makes sure it's published on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others, including your website.

An example

Flamingo doubled their audience in their first week

FlamingoDAO had been attracting about 200 people per week to listen live, and worked with Spacepod to turn that weekly show into a podcast. In their first week of podcast distibution, the show had over 250 downloads from new listeners. The best part? The Flamingo team did next-to-nothing to make that happen. Spacepod took care of everything.

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No contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

$1,000 one-time setup fee

There's quite a bit of work involved getting the podcast set up and the process in place to release episodes every week. The setup fee includes:

  • Creating podcast artwork
  • Helping you create the intro / outro used for every episode
  • Setting up your podcast website
  • Editing and processing up to 4 initial episodes
  • Launching your podcast on over 20 distribution channels

$400 per month for weekly episodes

Spacepod's team will edit, process, and distriute one episode per week. You can cancel this at any time. The monthly fee includes:

  • Audio editing and episode setup
  • Distribution to all major podcast players
  • Your own podcast website
  • Hosting and server costs

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